Cancer Prevention

Life style modifications can drastically decrease the risk of developing cancer...

According to World Health Organization, more than 40 percent of cancers are preventable.

One of the most recommended ways for preventing cancer is exercising regularly. It's proven scientifically that regular physical activities can reduce the risk of developing breast, colon and endometrial cancers.

In addition, based on another study conducted by National Cancer Institute, published on May 16 in JAMA Internal Medicine, physical activity was linked to a noticeable decrease risk of esophageal, liver, stomach and kidney cancers, as well as  myeloid leukemia and multiple myeloma, and cancers of head and neck, rectum, bladder and lung (in current and former speakers).

Being physically active is simple. According to American Cancer Society, adults should be physically active for at least 150 minutes (of moderate intensity) or 75 minutes of vigorous activities each week (or a combination of both). Therefore, you can get this suggested level of activities by just walking for 30 minutes, 5 times a week.   

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