Cholesterol Test

The amount of cholesterol in body is linked to the risk of heart attacks and heart diseases.

Cholesterol Test

Cholesterol is a waxy substance made by liver; but it is also taken through certain foods. On the condition that too much cholesterol build up in the walls of arteries, it finally hardens and can increase the likelihood of developing heart diseases.

Cholesterol test can be done as a routine test (check-up) or when the doctor suspects that patient might be at risk for developing heart diseases. Since high cholesterol does not cause symptoms in earlier stages, it is significant to control cholesterol levels through regular check-up.

According to National Cholesterol Education Program, it is recommended that adults age 20 years or older, check their cholesterol level every five years. People who are more likely to develop heart disease or those who have a family history of either heart attack or heart disease, should be checked more often.


Source: WebMD

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