Spinal canal imaging can be done through myelography procedure

Myelography is an x-ray examination used to provide detailed images of spinal cord, spinal canal and nerve roots. To do this procedure, a kind of contrast agent is injected through a needle to the spinal cord.

The aim of this type of imaging is to evaluate the spinal cord and nerve roots for any sort of compression. In fact, pressure on spinal structures can cause pain or other symptoms.

Some of the myelography functions include:

1. It is used when other imaging procedures such as MRI or CT scan do not provide doctors with sufficient information.

2. This imaging is also used to accurately locate the disc or discs.

3. Myelography can also be ordered to detect the tumors in the spinal cord or tissues around it.

4. Doctors could order this imaging procedure as an alternative for patients who cannot have an MRI scan, because of any implanted metallic device in their bodies.

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