Physical trauma is considered the leading cause of death in people aged 1 to 44

As opposed to what a majority of people think, heart attacks or cancers are not the top causes of death among people aged 1 to 44(in the U.S). On the contrary, it is the physical trauma which is considered as the leading cause of death in the priorly mentioned age group. Physical trauma is defined as any injury that can lead to prolonged disabilities or death. To prevent the dire consequences of these incidents, it is of high importance to transport the person to a medical facility in the shortest possible time.


-Blunt force trauma: in which something sharp strikes the body and usually causes deep cuts and broken bones

-Penetrating trauma: in which something pierces the skin or body that usually leads to open wounds


It is noted that motor vehicle accidents are a common and prevalent cause of physical trauma.



-Physical Examination


-Surgical techniques


Prevention: The most effective way to prevent trauma is to identify and then eliminate the risk factors that associate with this incidence.

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