To prevent typhoid, it is necessary to make sure that the food, water or other products are not contaminated, moreover,...

Infection caused by the bacteria salmonella typhi (which invade small intestines and then enter the bloodstream) can lead to typhoid. It is noted that these bacteria are usually entered the human body through digestive system.

The bacteria can be transmitted through:

Contaminated water or food such as meat or other products

Direct contact with infected people or carriers of the disease.



  •          high fever( 40 degrees Celsius or more)
  •          weakness
  •          stomach pain
  •          headache
  •          poor appetite
  •          rash
  •          confusion
  •  diarrhea
  • constipation


Conditions caused by this bacteria:

Typhoid or paratyphoid

Food poisoning

Blood infection


One of the most accurate methods to diagnose the disease is Widal test.

In addition, stool, blood or urine samples can alse be used to diagnose this disorder.



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