CT. Scan 
  • CT. Scan Section:

    This section is equipped with two systems:

    Toshiba 16 multi-slice CT. Scan

    Neusoft 16 multi-slice CT. Scan

    The devices have a high-speed imaging and can store 16 thousand high-resolution images and provide 3-dimensional images in a colored format.

    The following services are given at this section:

    ž   Multi-slice CT scan of all parts of the body with the ability of reconstruction in various directions

    ž   Three-dimensional CT scan of all parts of the body with the ability to separate the anatomy including bones, abdominal organs and vessels of the brain

    ž   Thin-section CT scans if required: such as CT scan of the inner ear with thin cuttings and high-resolution CT scan of the lungs in thin 1 mm sections.

    ž   CT Angiography of head, neck, abdomen, hip, and the limbs

    ž   Specialized CT. Scan of joints including: 3-dimensional images of bones, joints, and skull to examine bone abnormalities, trauma, and the premature closure of cranial sutures. Scanogram of limbs and ante-version of hip.

    ž   Dynamic and tri-phasic CT scans of liver to assess liver tumors

    ž   Ct-kub along with reconstruction of urinary system and precise examination of number and size of stones

    ž   CT for oncologic patients ,follow up and comparison with previous images to evaluate treatment results.