Khorshid Charity 
  • The Khorshid Charity is the first charity sponsor of transnational cancer patients.

    We know that cancer affects various aspects of patients' lives and their families, and providing them with treatment costs will not alone satisfy their mental and spiritual needs. In this regard, we aim to improve the quality of cancer patients' lives and also the palliative care services; moreover, providing welfare support services are among our main priorities.

    With the establishment and administration of this institution by dedicated and expert doctors,We have been trying to provide services to patients suffering from cancer with faster, more accurate, and higher quality procedures. Also, continuous communication with volunteer physicians and full access to the grand Farjad collection (including imaging, laboratory, radiotherapy and chemotherapy) has encouraged us in this way. We hope that we will own a good charity through a profound understanding of patients, the use of personal experiences of the founders, appropriate facilities and having a well-established team.

     we need your highly appreciated favores to achieve our goals.