Prenatal Genetic Screening 


    All pregnant women should be offered prenatal genetic screening. The results of genetic screening can provide important information, but also can lead to difficult choices:


    - If the tests showed your baby had a serious condition, would you continue the pregnancy?

    - Would you want to know this information so you can prepare for the birth of a baby that might need special care?


    These are difficult and very personal decisions. No matter what your choices are, your health care provider will support you throughout the process.


    Prenatal genetic screening tests offered by Aria Gene genetic laboratory include:


    1. 1.Non-invasive prenatal testing

    IONA test is a new method of screening for Down syndrome and other similar genetic abnormalities as well as sex determination. It is a blood test that measures cell-free fetal DNA that is present in the mother’s blood which is available from 8th week of pregnancy


    1. 2.Amniocentesis

    In this test, a small amount of amniotic fluid will be taken out of the uterus with a needle inserted through your abdomen. The doctor will use ultrasound to guide the needle to an area far from the baby. Some of the baby’s cells will be present in the fluid. DNA extracted and tested for genetic abnormalities using techniques such as MLPA, QF-pcr and karyotype. This test has a low risk of miscarriage of 0.5% -1%. If you have a fetus diagnosed with a genetic abnormality, you have the choice of continuing or terminating the pregnancy.


    1. 3.Chorionic villus sampling (CVS)

    Chorionic villus sampling is a prenatal test where a tiny piece of placental tissue is taken either through the cervix or the abdomen. The sample is then tested for genetic abnormalities. This test has a small risk of miscarriage (1-2%), which is a little higher than amniocentesis, but the benefit is that a diagnosis can be made earlier in pregnancy.


    Aria Gene is a well equipped genetic laboratory. Our high-tech NGS technology helps the patients to get their NIPT test report over a week time. We have expert Genetic counselling team to help patients to take the best diagnostic decisions. We also provide free interfacilty transfer for pregnant women to get their amniocentesis done with utmost safety.