• Aria Gene

    Interventional Section

    This section is equipped with RF model Mygen M-2004 and uses it as a modern method in non-surgical treatment of tumors, especially liver metastases and in treatment of clotted veins, etc.

    The procedures of interventional radiology at this center are as follows:

    1)      Biopsy of organs and neoplastic lesions (liver, pancreas, spleen, bone, etc.)

    2)      Percutaneous drainage of abscess, biloma, cholecystectomy, ascites

    3)      Percutaneous treatment of Hydatid cyst

    4)      Installing Ip port for easy depletion of resistant ascites at home or doctor’s office

    5)      Ganglion block of Celiac nerve (for controlling pancreas cancers and the upper-abdominal parts and chronic Pancreatic)

    6)      Ganglion block of upper hypogastric and impar (for controling pains associated with pelvic cancers)

    7)      Radiofrequency and chemical ablation and cementoplasty in painful bone metastases

    8)      Ablative treatment in primary tumors and metastatic liver (including radiofrequency ablation and Chemical ablation)

    9)      Radiofrequency ablation and spleen artery embolization (for controlling hypersplenism and splenomegaly)