• Aria Gene genetics laboratory, a division of Farjad medical group, is a multispecialty genetics laboratory in Qom, Iran (130 km away from the capital, Tehran)

    Aria Gene is a pioneer genetics laboratory in the region

    Using modern facilities as well as well-trained staff, also performing various genetic tests such as amniocentesis, blood karyotyping, sequencing, different types of PCR, NIPT and various cancer panels which contribute to clinical patient care.

    Other services and facilities provided by Aria Gene include:

    Online genetic counseling via Telehealth

    Providing free appointment and also transferring facility for pregnant women for ultrasound or amniocentesis procedure

    Online appointment scheduling

    Aria Gene does free amniocentesis for patients who are positive for

    non-invasive prenatal screening tests.

كليه حقوق مادي و معنوي اين وب سايت متعلق به كلينيك فرجاد مي باشد