• An Introduction To Sadra Oncology Center

    Sadra radiation oncology clinic is the first active center that provides comprehensive and thorough services to cancer patients in Qom and other neighboring cities. Under the supervision of fully professional doctors, the center combines and presents services related to Preventive Medicine, Screening, Counseling, and Palliative Care in addition to cancer diagnosis and chemotherapy.

    This center with the cooperation of other diagnostic and therapeutic departments of Farjad center, including, imaging department, laboratory, and pain clinic concerning cancer treatment, presents a multidisciplinary approach owning to the cooperation of radiology specialists, laboratory, radiotherapy/ oncology, pain specialist, etc,….


    Oncology (cancerology):

    Cancer is a disease in which the cells of a part of the body diverge from the normal growth and development, consequently the uncontrollable division and the damage that is caused to the healthy tissues, formulates a tumor. Sadra oncology specialty clinic functions in the areas of prevention, diagnosis, and therapeutics as follows:

    -          Screening or prevention measures and cancer early diagnosis

    -          Diagnostic measures of various cancers including, biopsy, laboratory test, and radiology

    -          Diagnosis and confirmation of various cancers

    -          Therapeutic measures including, chemotherapy, radiology, and so on

    -          Pain relief and supporting measures, etc. such as psychological counseling, nutrition, and pain relief.

    Oncology Specialty Clinic

    The first steps to start the process of treatment are the primary clinical examination by a specialist, diagnostic measures such as tests and imaging, then therapeutic measures, such as chemotherapy, radiotherapy or both, pain relief, and in case of necessity psychiatry.


    Chemotherapy is a treatment in which a medicine is used to eradicate cancer cells. In some cases, chemotherapy is used as the only treatment. However, most of the times depending on the type and the amount of development of cancer, It is accompanied with other treatments such as surgical operations, radiotherapy, or other treatments in order to control or reduce the symptoms of cancer. There are various chemotherapy programs. The length and the intervals of chemotherapy depends on the type, the amount of the development of the disease, and the body reaction to the disease. Normally chemotherapy is performed periodically, a period of treatment and a period of rest. This center owns the most equipped chemotherapy department in Qom city with 10 active beds. The patients receive the chemotherapy treatment under the supervision of chemotherapy oncologists.



    Radiotherapy, the usage of x-ray, etc. is used to treat different types of cancers. During the treatment a certain dose of x-ray beam is exposed to a specific part of the body on a daily basis, this process harms and destroys abnormal cells, but the normal and healthy cells stay protected or get recovered. The treatment is divided into two parts:

    • Definite cure: It aims to provide the chance of healing up and utilizing long lasting treatment benefits in patients.
    • Palliative cure: It’s done in order to decrease the size of the tumor, relieve pain, or remove the symptoms of the disease.

    Radiotherapy is performed in 4 phases, including:

    simulation, designing the treatment, setup, and treatment sessions...


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